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He is originally from the Zanzibar Islands are blessed with ancestral powers from their ancestors dating back to middle ages when there powers were mastered by fore fathers and ancestors.

Herbalists have always done work which is beyond human understanding ranging from black magic to white magic. They are traditional medical practitioners who can treat all age groups and all problems, using and administering medicines that are readily available and affordable.


Their treatment is comprehensive and has creative, protective and preventive elements. It can either be casting spells, natural or ritual depending on the cause of the problem. It includes among others, ritual sacrifice to appease ancestors, ritual and magical strengthening of people and possessions, steaming purification e.g. Casting spells upon wishes, ritual washing, or the use of emetics and purgatives), sniffing of medical herbs African acupuncture. The herbalist has an experience of 20 years casting spells

Have accrued tremendous results for those who have tried to use me as a helper. It may never e easy to believe but truthfully the power of spirits is a true manifestation. Try my spells and you will give me a testimony. I call upon the unseen force to tune into your frequency and pick up your thoughts. But I cannot act until you call upon me. Only then can I connect with your electrical and nervous system. Only then can I call upon the powers of Black & White Magic to work in your behalf. If you have an urgent need, contact me immediately. Do not wait a second longer. Get a sheet of paper and write down your most important request and imbed it in your mind. Once I make the magic connection with you, your life will never be the same!

Native Doctor (Witch Doctors) magic originated in Africa hundreds of years ago and according to tradition has been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth from one gifted practitioner to another. We are blessed with vast super natural powers, and even today we are respected by those who have asked for assistance from us, and feared by those who have born the brunt of Witch Doctor retribution Please if you need any assistance with any of the above services mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact him on.

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Phone: +27732561364
South Africa


Phone: +27732561364
Johannesburg South Africa

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